Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions

Question : When was Media Bass started and by whom?
Answer : February 25, 1989 was the date of the first Media Bass tournament conducted by Gordon Stauffer.

Question : Why was Media Bass started?
Answer : Media Bass was started to further establish bass tournaments as a sport while giving local anglers their well deserved recognition. And, initially to promote the Fishing Course concept.

Question : How was the name Media Bass selected?
Answer : The name was chosen in a moments time (while at the printers office just before printing the first tournament flyer). Gordon Stauffer was a part of the Outdoor Writers Association when he decided to begin holding bass tournaments. With the above mentioned goals as a "Business Plan", it was a very spontaneous and accurate choice.

Question : Why is there a service fee when I enter OnLine with my credit card?
Answer : OnLine Credit Card Processing Companies charge a fee for each transaction.
The difference in entering a tournament OnLine and buying something is that you are purchasing Cash, and not a tangible item. Companies can build the credit card fee into the cost of tangible items. Media Bass has always tried to get the lowest possible fees for such credit card use.

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